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I'm very independent, I want him in my life, but I don't NEED him. I can deal with situations, problems, issues on my own. I can't afford not to have goals to work towards, or change my mind randomly on what they are. I love so deeply, I hold so much love because I am a mother.it shows. My children and being a good mom is something I'm so insanely passionate about. BUT I don't need designer jeans and handbags or to waste money on things I don't need. I'm very laid back, when you've fought to get through difficult times, you take the time to stop and appreciate the small stuff, and you know that making a huge issue of things, anything, will not get you very far. You, yourself could have had all of those qualities without having been a single mother. Can u not think of any benefits of dating ur SO or are u only with her cuz u don't have a better offer?I don't need to run for help, or make melodramatic calls to him lol. They love that, and can see that in me, and everything i do for my children.8. I am comfortable in jeans and a hoody and my hair in a ponytail. Here i thought for once m_church might have something positive to say about dating single moms... I was really suprised that m_church is dating a single-mom and can see why he doesn't want his SO to read the posts he make... Does ur SO not include any benefits to make u stay around? Be interesting to see if m_church could come up with any positive benefits for dating a single mom.You're online looking for love or dates, whether it's through an app or a site or both, and you're finally getting out there. One of the biggest no-nos I see time and again is reference to the past. Just because you're a single mom doesn't mean you don't deserve love and just because you're a single parent doesn't mean you should feel as if you have nothing to offer or are less of a catch because of your parental status. You ARE a catch because you're an independent single mom and that in itself is sexy.

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But delving every last detail about your kids or life as a mom leaves little space for someone to learn about YOU.

Remember, the person isn't dating you as a mom but dating you as a person who IS a mom and has kids. Did you learn something about the partner you need?

Bottom line though - I don't think there is anything wrong with a man not wanting to date a single mom. There are Good single dads too, IM not a single mum, Im a lone parent thanks to a useless Man,we are independant,dont need a man just like to share good and bad times with that someone special. I was in noooo rush to settle down and there was no man that would have been able to get me to settle down. Also, if we were dating exclusively you best believe pre baby I was basically so far up your butt that you could barely walk.

There are plenty out there who are, and when taking the time to get to know me, know I have a lot to offer. Ive brought my son up alone, hes turned out really well, Plays Basketball at National level,setting his sights on hopefully playing in Europe, Am so proud of him, His father would have been too but he prefered beer. Yet, even though we were so in love, her kids managed to ruin things and we still have fallout from the breakup that we're working through. If I wanted to spend time with you you better be willing to spend time with me...right NOW.

Putting your best foot forward and approaching online dating with the right attitude makes finding that second love easier and better!