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Instead, ABC sold her on ), and this Bollywood superstar just bought herself nine months of the year shooting in mostly cold weather.

"I do love a challenge," she says, explaining the logic.

"It's my folly, and it will be my downfall someday." Consider the notorious 14-hour-a-day shooting schedule common to hour-long dramas as TV's own form of boot camp. "I did freak out a little bit at first." (For those first few months, she'd fly back to India on the weekends to finish .)The pace exacts a price—for instance, in the romantic department.

As breathlessly chronicled in the Indian tabloid press, over the years Chopra has been involved with at least two of her costars in India, but she's currently single.

Crowned Miss World in 2000, Chopra soon forayed into Indian cinema and quickly won acclaim and awards for her turn as a villainous seductress in the 2004 thriller (India's 2012 Oscar entry), in which she played an autistic girl.