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Kullur said he fielded calls from a mix of naturally born Americans and those who had emigrated there from other countries, particularly those in northern Africa and the Middle East. professionals can work in Canada under provisions of NAFTA (although Trump has repeatedly called it a “disaster” and wants to renegotiate or get out of it, so act fast).

There are a number of ways Americans can immigrate to Canada, Kullur said. If they have a job offer, they can come here to work and apply for permanent residency after a year under the Canadian Experience Class.

They can also apply for express entry under the Skilled Worker class, said Kullur.

The amount of time it takes varies depending on the nature of the application, he said. “The unfathomable horror is coming soon, but we’ve got your back.

Its original boundaries were expanded through numerous minor annexations and were ultimately replaced by a new city incorporation and major amalgamation in 2001 which significantly increased its land area.