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She truly can’t see any sane reason to risk her peaceful existence for someone who says he wants to make wine out of her one minute and then embarrasses her the next. “I swear on all that is holy I do not intend to bite you,” Morrie protested. When she could bear to lift her gaze again, the server was gone and she was met with another knowing smile—sans laughter thankfully. After she’d scurried off nervously, Lydia’s gaze collided with the man’s across the table. He felt his eyes crinkling hard with his efforts to keep a straight face. He could easily see himself making her laugh many times a day, which meant he was already learning her. I was lucky none of them got pregnant with his child. Evelyn died in her sleep from something medical I still can’t pronounce. Do you at least make your lovers coffee in the morning before kicking them out the door? “Seriously, I’ve never figured out the proper etiquette for extrication the morning after.” Lydia laughed loudly then, drawing most of the attention in the restaurant to her. That old fart is the biggest gossip in Falls Church.” Harrison had actually taunted him into finding out Lydia’s secrets for himself—the old coot.Does it matter at her age that Morrie might be her last chance to find true love? ” Morrie asked, ignoring his mouth wanting to twitch at Lydia arranging and rearranging the items on the table between them. Either Lydia was nervous about being with him or she had a severe OCD problem. He looked at the nervous young woman waiting on his order. But the smile was accompanied by a chunk of bread being pressed towards her mouth. You didn’t need to go home to a lonely house and dinner for one. She watched Morrison grin as he leaned his head to the side until his ear almost touched his shoulder. The laugh at his silliness bubbled up and out of Lydia, filling the air around the table before she could constrain it. Lauren was probably the only reason he stayed married to me.” “I’m sorry,” Morrie said sincerely. For a long time, I had to sleep sitting up in a chair or on the couch. Since he was pretty much already obsessed, Morrie was finding it a small jump to become a fool trying. I couldn’t afford his extortion fees,” Morrie said casually, sipping his wine and watching Lydia sip hers around a very secretive grin. I will die an old maid—happy to have had complete control of my life,” Lydia declared. Maybe I’m guilty of a little wishful thinking, but I think you’re just as interested in me as I am in you.” Their pasta arrived then, steam lifting from the noodles and sauce, creating a white mist between them.

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Book 4 of this humorous romantic comedy saga finds the dashing and sexy Morrison Fox trying to woo the reluctant and sassy Lydia Mc Carthy. Lydia Mc Carthy didn’t want any man in her life, much less an incorrigible old flirt like Morrison Fox. “I am not stressed,” Lydia denied firmly, leaning on the table. ” Morrie asked, leaning on the table to mirror her. The server appeared with fragrant bread that made her mouth water. Tuesday and Thursday—usually,” she said sharply, dropping her gaze from his curious one to her bread again. Now I’ve thrown off your entire routine and messed up your week. For some reason, she either wanted Morrison to like her or hate her. “I had an arranged marriage, separate bedrooms, and a husband who kept several mistresses.

Widowed since her forties, being single has suited her. I like trying new things,” Morrie said, winking at the young woman again when Lydia sat straighter and glared. “Lydia, your stress level is the reason wine exists. When she pulled back and sank as far into her seat as possible, his laughter broke free at last. When the server mixed the oil and seasonings for dipping, Lydia’s stomach decided to betray her by growling loudly. Embarrassment is a permanent condition around you,” she said, putting her face in her hand. Shorry, Lydia.” Shaking his head sorrowfully from side to side, Morrie stuck his bottom lip out as he lifted a hand in apology. Morrie calmly lifted his wine glass and took a sip, feeling everything but calm after making Lydia laugh again. I was lucky one of them didn’t talk him into divorcing me before he died.

She tried to cover her reaction up by giving voice to some of the questions making her brain hurt. Why are you putting moves on me you know I don’t want? Yes he made her nervous, but she’d take it to her grave if she could rather than admit it to him. Maybe on some level it was nice to think a man like him might find her appealing—faked or not, she wasn’t totally sure—but it had been a long time since anyone had pursued her at all. The thought of his mouth on hers, and kissing her with passion, made her want to wretch in panic, though she was bravely fighting it. But the thought that Morrison might decide she was too much trouble was actually worse than those fears. It was stalling of course, but it was necessary until she could sort out her own scrambled mind about Morrison Fox. Her teeth clamped across the tines and slid the succulent food off the end into her mouth.

There are plenty of women at North Winds who are interested in trading places with me right now. I bet there are plenty of women in others places who would too. And it had been decades, literally decades, since she’d even cared if a man noticed her. She couldn’t even remember the last time any man had kissed her. It would be like the final validation in her life that her husband had been right, not to mention the laughing women in the bathroom. There was no solution without risking the kind of entanglement that Lydia had tried most her life to avoid. His gaze dropped to that half-lidded expression again. There was a loud crash from the wait area and dishes came flying out from behind the privacy screen across the floor.

Partly in response to the scale and seriousness of these online dating scams, 13 of Britain’s best-known internet dating websites have formed a new trade association – the Online Dating Association – to be launched next month.