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But yeah, I was a hippy -- hair just above my butt, flaired leg jeans with a butterfly sewn on the leg, suede leather fringed vests that I made myself, beads, water pipes and the decadent, somewhat destructive lifestyle of the 'road' musician.I've never wished to return to any part of that lifestyle, but I sure am glad it was once part of me -- and most importantly, that I lived through it.

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Good gawd, does that mean I'm getting old when I start remniscing about the good old days? Did you participate in the hippie era or let it pass you by?

I went to England when I was 16 in the summer of '67 and stayed a block from Carnaby St. I came home, left my parents home, moved downtown to a communal house with about a half dozen other people (we could never tell who actually 'lived' in that house). But most of us don't remember too well the friends we lost to drugs, to war, to racial violence and things like that.

A year later, I left school in a band truck to head out on the road to be a 'rock star'. As I said, time (mercifully) erases a lot of those things from our memory.

Ended up an English major, but that's another story.