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But with that said,,id be interested to see who joins in this thread. rip Hiya Rip, Well we've had 20 views of this little thread..you and I are the only posters. Clair County, pop in and say hi, that's the point of this thread, for us to get to know each other. I lived in Saint Clair County for about 8 years up until 2005 when I just had to come way up here to Sault Sainte Marie. And I'm one of those single moms you heard about in the song so I'm having an even harder time.Now you want me to start about the fishin' up here??? But hey, if I can't meet a lover I sure have met some good friends. Hope they dont see this Ok,,,i have my hand over my mouth here to keep from laughing!

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And I would like to shout out to ~beachbaby~ for tellin' me about this site. It is kind of a running joke, and they don't seem to mind. lol Regarding that song and the teeth thing,,,haha....ummmmmm i dont think it was meant 'literally'.

Way to go girlfirend I've never been there, and anywhere in Mi. LOL Its a matter of hmm,,,expression (not sure how else to say it? Yanno ,,kinda like,,,when people say,,,,'Argh there just arent any men around here and the ones that are are all either drunks or gay!

you can find a woman/man missing teeth, but it ain't both front teeth, is it true, or is it a "stero type" ???? There seem to be alot of people, men and women, in St. ' LOL Just what some people say when they get a run of bad luck!

Not that ive ever said that *cough* lol The song may not have meant it literally but believe me it hit the nail right on the head. Clair County, Fair Haven to be exact and I can tell you that one out of every five people I met didn't have all their teeth.

Although it seems mean spirited, it's actually more about Bill and Ryan's love lives and their experiences, and when they perform it their tongues are firmly planted in their cheeks (Unless they do it after their song "whiskey and rum" where they proceed to slam multiple shots of the afore mentioned spirits as they sing the chorus; if they do that song first, then Single in St.

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