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A law enforcement official said yesterday that investigators were closely examining relationships that Luna had with at least two women.

The official did not elaborate on the nature of the relationships.

He's older than Dooley, but more of a puppy than he is.

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They also were examining messages posted by someone using the name Jonathan Luna on Internet dating sites.

The author of the messages, from April 1997, described himself as a discreet, 31-year-old married black man seeking a white female sexual partner and indicated a preference for blondes and redheads.

But last night Di Biagio rejected any suggestion that Luna had been at risk of being fired.

"His job was not in jeopardy in any respect," Di Biagio said.

He said Luna's prosecution earlier this year of a rare pornography-production case was recognized by the office as "one of the most significant prosecutions of 2003." Di Biagio also said Luna had expressed no concerns about his job security at an employee review meeting in June and had no reason to: None of Luna's supervisors "ever indicated we should take any ...