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In general Poles dress casually, but where there is an event on, it’s to the nines.

If you expect to attend a wedding or red-letter party, bring something dressy.

By Rachel Bruner After following the basic LDS dating rules and guidelines the time will come when you’re ready to work towards a temple marriage. Prepare yourself through proper dating and courtship and learn how to build a strong relationship by: dating for a sufficient time, becoming best friends, choosing the right person, building a foundation upon Jesus Christ.


Although LDS dating online can be an opportunity to meet other singles, it is extremely important to date face-to-face for a long enough period of time.

A few brief dates, followed by a whirlwind engagement and marriage, does not build a solid foundation for marriage.

It's important when courting that you take the time to develop a strong friendship with the one you're dating."Bruce C.

Hafen has compared relationships between men and women to a pyramid.

Take the time necessary to allow your relationship (and knowledge of the one you're dating) to properly form into a sure foundation.