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Individual hives may look like mosquito bites, but in large numbers, can resemble a rash.Fotini Kavadas, paediatric clinical immunologist and allergist at Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, explains that hives occur when allergy cells in our body are attacked and release allergic chemicals called histamines.Again, discuss it with your GP if you need more information. There are safe painkillers you can take and you can find softer options for coughs and colds.

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These drugs are in everything from allergy medicines to muscle relaxants to painkillers.

They are in many over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and they are often prescribed for a variety of common health complaints.

The Breastfeeding Network says that some of these warnings can be based on just one report of an adverse reaction.

If in doubt, it's best to talk to your doctor (and always to make them aware that you're breastfeeding when they prescribe you anything).

It took several years of hospital visits, medical specialists and allergy testing before Jenn Hatton, of Regina, Sask., was told that dyes in medications and fish were among the triggers of hives outbreaks in both her son and daughter. Before you see a doctor, Kavadas recommends documenting what your child was doing before the hives appeared. As Mistry says, “Now that we know crying causes my son’s hives, we ‘treat’ them by helping him calm down.” When to call for help If your child is wheezing, vomiting, sleepy, or his lips or eyes are swelling, call 9-1-1, as this may indicate an allergic reaction.