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If you've seen the new ones, even the censored samples, you'd know what I mean - I don't really see the artistic value in them. A judge has recently suggested that there'd be grounds for the children to sue at a later stage if they felt someway violated by Henson, so it'd be damaging for him as well. I'm on the side that thinks that it should be looked at very carefully. If this was done with old people would that have the same effect (first question)?

Some say that classical works feature child nudity - but that was also when we were burning witches at the stake, but somehow now with photographic technology, taking photographs of children and risking having them censored is somehow 'backward'. I've gotten the general feeling from the debate and people saying that it's 'OK' is that they're scared of not sounding liberal enough. I'm a liberal sorta guy, but I well and truly don't like these images. I don't like the images one bit, but I'm trying not to let that prejudice me about whether they should be censored or not. The way he takes his pictures and the subject matter that he uses all have a big effect on the way he wants you to feel....

There are so many people that arnt in the art community that dont see these works for what they are.... If they were 'sexual' in nature there wouldn't be an argument..

But if it WAS purely artistic then you're opening up a can of worms here..

[edit on 28-5-2008 by AGENT_T] Well if you find that kind of stuff sick, you should go to Arnold Swarzi personnal collection. I will only say painting made in blood, naked children in nazi uniforms... The worrying thing is that I just think it might ..... I'm on the side that thinks that it should be looked at very carefully. A bunch of actors have written a letter saying that Rudd should withdraw his comments, or somehow face being hijacked by the arts community. Have a look at this pic: That is a good example of his work...