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They're probably rock's best-known romantic duo of all time, a twosome that would have made history even if Marvin hadn't already kicked up so much dust on his own.

Tammi definitely brought out the more romantic side of a singer who could be misogynistic and a bit, uh, fixated, and this soaring duet may be their greatest, a paean to the very nature of devotion.

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Each of these tunes, presented in no particular order, is simply impossible to ignore in the context of '80s music.

Regardless of how many times this song is played, it retains a magic that exists only for the most solidly constructed, universally themed and uniquely presented musical compositions.

If you don't care about rock history, you can still identify with it as a generic they-don't-understand-us anthem for teens of all eras. (We know why they liked Cher.) More ยป It's since lost some of its luster to an unfortunate soft-rock version by the king and queen of Seventies singer-songwriterdom, James Taylor and Carly Simon (not to mention Toby Keith's duet with his daughter).

But the 1963 original, which the cover mimics to a degree so precise it's almost theft, obviously has more soul -- and it's still a remarkable document, since the lyrics themselves reveal next to nothing about what these two feel for each other.

Sting's songwriting centerpiece from 1983's achieves a rare pop/rock perfection, featuring a top-notch vocal performance, a groundbreaking guitar riff and a highly personal lyrical theme exploring obsession, heartbreak and romantic doom that somehow seems familiar in spite of its fierce originality.