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Stayton was named for him only after he moved there.) 1853- The Hobson-Whitney cemetery was established east of Sublimity. Brewer, who were among the founders of Sublimity College, are buried there, along with other pioneers. Salem Dixon, perhaps the first to be buried in the cemetery, died by "accidental" shooting. the last remnants of the tribe were moved to Grand Ronde in 1906." 1853- A group of 98 members of the United Brethren in Christ church, which opposed slavery and secret societies, made up a colony that came by ox train from Indiana, arriving in the Willamette valley near Albany in September.

His epitaph: According to May Neitling, local historian: "The last chief of the Santiam Indians was buried in the northwest corner of the cemetery near a large old maple tree that has been struck by lightning several times. They established churches and schools there and later John F.

You can also jump to "chapters" of this page by clicking on one of these: (Use to return here.) Beginnings College Catholics Benedictines Fr. They came by ox train from Indiana in the 50s and by rail from Minnesota in the 70s.

You can always go back with , but don't miss the wonderful old photos farther down! This scene would be typical for early settlers leaving for Sublimity from Missouri in the 1840s.

Those who lived in and about the Santiam countryside were mostly of the Calapooia Tribe.

Those who lived nearest to Sublimity on the south were known as Santiams, whereas the Mollalas often approached from the north, since the north-south Indian trail led through the Sublimity country.

The date of this photo of a coach in front of the Stayton post office is uncertain.