Mixed messages dating

If he IS interested (which you think he is) why isn’t he moving forward?If he’s NOT interested, why is he playing with your emotions? Only God has the freedom to judge the last two, the motives and thoughts.

Things were going well and J was happy about it, but she wondered what was up, because "2 months ago he was having a hard time calling me his girlfriend, but now suddenly he wants to make this huge decision and make me a more permanent part of his life." J's ability to respond positively and drop it when her boyfriend got skittish really helped him get over the hump with their relationship status.

As a guy, bringing up something that you think is going to hurt someone and instead getting listened to and given the space you asked for is a completely eye-opening sign of a good thing.

She just wants to be teacher’s pet.” When in reality, you just like being involved. So if the answer to the "does he like me" question was affirmative and your suspicions were confirmed, you may be wondering why sometimes he doesn’t return your call or text or why he sometimes seems really distant and cold.

To answer the "does he like me" question, tally how often your friend has shown these interested signals in the last month. Pull back and show him that you respect yourself and him enough to not play around with his or your affections.

When he called or texted and L didn't always answer, he got in his head about it, let it eat away at his confidence, and ultimately he was the one who felt dumped.