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So it was left to 'the guv'nors' on the top 2 boards to settle the match and everything was to play for when Oundle Board 1 Sam Gallant competently filched a pawn from James Wicks and executed an efficient endgame strategy to bring Oundle level. Alan will be playing a junior simul versus the Club's youngsters from , then a Senior simul against the club's more experienced players - draws galore only for the want of asking!!

Oundle's Board 2 Thomas Caskey had won material early on but then became disturbed by Tom Murts' aggressive tactical invasion and soon found himself on the back foot. Lastly, we'll give him a little something to say thank you and that, my friends, will be the end of quite an era.

John's regular brother James Gardner and Richard Ellis scrapped out draws to salvage some pointage on the board for the visitors.

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A well deserved victory for Sam's impressive attacking play and certainly not the last we'll see of this standard of chess from young Samster I'm sure. * So 2-0 to Oundle then and the match win was sealed when the other Sam, Master Herring of the 181 Brigade, finally broke through on Board 1 against Richard Ellis' earnest defence. ~-~-~-~-2016-11-14 ~ SKL A-Division : Rushden A 5 - 0 Corby What better way to wave goodbye to RCC God Alan Lewis. Makes you wonder why he didn't play like this for the last 40 years instead of meekly tip-toeing around the board hoping to tire his opponent into a draw just before shutting-up time, but heigh-ho, each to their own. ~-~-~-~-2016-10-31 ~ Scary Monsters Shabnavee & Kavish win Halloween Blitz Prizes Six RCC Juniors frightnened the chess pieces into submission in the Club's inaugural Halloween Junior Blitz competition which this year fortuitously fell on that fell eve itself.

World Champion Magnus Carlsen's coaching team would benefit from Sam's help on this showing and it may be just what he needs to help prevent him from losing in the current WCC match against GM Sergey Karjakin ... Although on unfamiliar ground and having suffered some structural damage in the opening Richard had kept himself in the game until material loss and heavy pressure on the King's shoulders forced that poor towel to be thrown around again. * Jeff Owen battled hard on Board 4 again against some more-than-competent play, this time from James Low who had no trouble taking and holding the initiative, but a series of perhaps unnecessary exchanges cleared the board for a drawn pawn endgame when James could have stolen a pawn with the Queens still on and structural damage for Jeff would have given James opportunities for a greater reward. Our beloved Drawmeister, usually the one to save any RCC team from a whitewash with a guaranteed draw with his last breath, rampantly surged from his starting blocks with victorious fury blazing from his eyes and scorched a trail of destruction across the board to lead his beloved Aimsters to a terminal dismissal of the visiting Corbsters. Made my heart pound and my veins bulge with adrenalin just watching his blurry fingers go whoosh whoosh capture in double-quick time. * Our adorable Docling was also nearly the first to finish, which would have been another first, relentlessly battering and pounding Corby's bewildered and bamboozled Bd4 Martin Grenchev into submission in just over an hour (anyone would think he couldn't wait to get out and off to his new home) but he was beaten to the sprint-win tape by a mere couple of minutes by top board Hugh Murphy who wasted no time taking advatage of a tactical slip by John Thomson. THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK DOC ~-~-~-~-2016-11-07 ~ ALAN LEWIS' ' LIVING (BUT LEAVING) LEGEND' SIMUL v RCC ' The Glory of Doc' page is not done yet, be patient will you, there's a lot of photos to go through and I need to find at least one where he's smiling with 40 year's worth of pleasure and not frowning in resignation against an 8 yr-old. Shabnavee Jeffrey continued showing her improving board craft with a 100% 5 wins from 5 games to win overall though runner-up Gershon Lesley's fangs were nipping at her heels with 4 points and Keziah Lesley wasn't far behing him on 3.5 - with Kavish Raagavan, Josh Underwood and Mathuvan Jeffrey making up the slavering chasing pack of werewolves. It's that supremely sad time again, when one of our club legends decides he doesn't like us after all and is off to what he thinks are fairer climes.

If you could confirm in advance your intention to enter please see Secretary Derrick Sims, thank you.

* Regarding our year's end party piece and WORLD FAMOUS FREE CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY tournament, now most fondly, affectionately, lovingly known as THE KRIMBO BLITZ - please be advised that this most well-attended of RCC's annual tournaments (got a sweet tooth you lot haven't you?!

~-~-~-~-2016-10-11 ~ SKL A-Division : Chess Mates B 4 - 1 Rushden A Bit of a setback this for the Aimsters as they'd normally be looking for at least a match draw minimum, but Greg Smith's top board win over our Hugh set up the scene for a win for Chess Mates.