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For 14 years he conducted experiments animating inert powders, pastes, and liquids into life-like, flowing forms, which mirrored patterns found throughout nature, art and architecture.

What's more, all of these patterns were created using simple sine wave vibrations (pure tones) within the audible range.

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The word chelation is derived from the Greek word chele that means claw (like that of a scorpion or crab).

The concept of chelation is based on the observation that when a certain amino acid complex called EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid) comes in contact with certain positively charged metals and other substances such as lead, iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, zinc, plutonium and manganese, it grabs them (hence the chele or claw), and removes them.

Medical Ozone Therapy This is an old technology with a new beginning; especially, in the field of alternative health medicine.