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For example, the privileges to create tablespaces and to delete the rows of any table in a database are system privileges. Each system privilege allows a user to perform a particular database operation or class of database operations.

privilege allows users to access views and tables in other schemas, but does not enable them to select dictionary objects (base tables of dynamic performance views, regular views, packages, and synonyms).

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As a result, an application user does not need to know the password for an application role.

Grant an application role all privileges necessary to run a given database application.

You can, however, grant these users explicit object privileges to access objects in the You can grant or revoke system privileges to users and roles.

If you grant system privileges to roles, then you can use the roles to exercise system privileges.

is the right to run a particular type of SQL statement, or the right to access an object that belongs to another user, run a PL/SQL package, and so on.