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You don't have to 'cure masturbation', as some may even be healthy, but if you feel it takes up way too much of your time and focus then consciously start to set limits.

If you currently masturbate every day, then start cutting down by a day per fortnight.

Sexually stimulating yourself was much more taboo than it is now.

In Victorian England there were even devices which would apply electric shocks to the penis if the unfortunate wearer were to stimulate himself.

)Masturbation is no longer regarded as an "unholy act of self defile". And, as far as I know, there is no research conclusively showing that very frequent masturbation is a sign of any mental or physical disorder (although bi-polar patients may masturbate more during a 'manic' phase). I suggested that over-indulging may indicate a need to: Kevin was relieved (proving that he could feel better without his old 'prop') and started to recognize why his masturbation had got 'out of hand', so to speak.