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I been engaged and i am not into talking with her because i believe its a way of giving a confidence before marriage but people around me insist on saying to talk to her as she is engaged to you?

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If the license has already been received by our office, there may be a $20 amendment fee charged to correct the information. To avoid these errors, review and verify your information before submitting the application.

If you notice a mistake on your license before the ceremony, contact our office either by live chat, email [email protected] phone 503.988.3326 so we can assist you in correcting the mistake.

How do I get a certified copy of my marriage license? Neither the minister or partners involved can act as a witness.

You need two witnesses who are 18 years or older to make a ceremony valid in Oregon.

Unlike such apps as Facebook and Snapchat that are popular with teens today, chat rooms offered anonymity.

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    This makes you look good in people's eyes, therefore increasing your influence with various individuals and groups. Dating a successful woman also means you are going to have someone to talk to about different life choices as people who have attained success usually have vast knowledge which they don't mind sharing.

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