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A separate account or trust created by severance or segregation shall be treated as a separate trust for all purposes from and after the date on which the severance or segregation is effective, and shall be held on terms and conditions that are substantially equivalent to the terms of the trust from which it was severed or segregated so that the aggregate interests of each beneficiary in the several trusts are substantially equivalent to the beneficiary's interests in the trust before severance, provided, however, that any terms of the trust before severance that would affect qualification of the trust for any federal tax deduction, exclusion, election, exemption, or other special federal tax status must remain identical in each of the separate trusts created.

This Section shall not apply to the extent that it would cause a trust otherwise qualifying for a federal or State tax benefit or other benefit not to so qualify, nor shall it apply to trusts for domestic or pet animals.assets as a prudent investor would considering the purposes, terms, distribution requirements, and other circumstances of the trust.

This standard requires the exercise of reasonable care, skill, and caution and is to be applied to investments not in isolation, but in the context of the trust portfolio as a whole and as a part of an overall investment strategy that should incorporate risk and return objectives reasonably suitable to the trust.taken alone, prudent or imprudent.

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Whether investments are underproductive or overproductive of income shall be judged by the portfolio as a whole and not as to any particular making investment decisions include, without limitation, the general economic conditions, the possible effect of inflation, the expected tax consequences of investment decisions or strategies, the role each investment or course of action plays within the overall portfolio, the expected total return (including both income yield and appreciation of capital), and the duty to incur only reasonable and appropriate costs.