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"[Leslie Mann] did this incredible topless scene, but it was all done in post-production.

And she admitted it on Jimmy Kimmel after the fact. and finding out later that it wasn’t her, and thinking, ‘Uh oh, it’s going to be a lot tougher to know if it’s an actress or not.'" Mc Bride remains confident that — whether it’s through DVD extras, interviews, or leaks to the press — the truth will always come out. When asked what percentage of nude scenes are faked, the CGI editor I spoke with wouldn’t even hazard a guess.

In the decades since, directors have found increasingly creative ways to hide the fact that a film’s steamiest scene might not actually feature the film’s lead actor: including, in recent years, a shift toward the use of CGI to augment, enhance, or completely create on-camera nudity. Many of us first became aware of this practice last month, during the final episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones.

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"A lot of times those things are kept really low key," he says. but in terms of nudity, I don’t know." Studios that are paying editors a good deal of money to create the illusion of nude scenes have a lot of incentive to keep their work under wraps: as my source put it, "the best visual effects are the ones you don’t see." That tendency toward secrecy can fuel an audience’s sense that they’re being subjected to trickery — or, when the truth comes out about a digitally altered scene, that they’ve been the victims of nudity-filled bait and switch.

In the aftermath of the Game of Thrones finale, none other than Howard Stern felt compelled to speak out about how the scene had betrayed him.

Far better to shoot them in a more comfortable set up, and digitally add in the more risqué aspects of the scene after.

Indeed, this explanation parallels Headey’s own for her choice to go CGI in her scene.

The CGI editor I spoke with described this as the "supermodel effect," where the ever presence of digitally altered bodies leads us to believe that these CGI creations are a standard we must all adhere to.