Leo man dating an aquarius woman best spiritual dating websites

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This is due to the awful relationships we both come from so we are very caution with this whole thing.advised would be appreciated cause i don't want to end up friend zoning him like i did with my high crush Leo and now best friend.

Been dating a leo man for 10 months, he is 11 years older than I.

Leo is the teenager in love with love and Aquarius is the teenage rebel often without a cause.

How to Attract a Leo Man as an Aquarius Woman: She’s going to love you because you are so headstrong and opinionated.

So walking away from this when I don't know if poly is a lifestyle i can truely embrace...... Its so very interesting to read your comment owlwrite as I too am in a very similar situation. I have been studying cases and blogs trying to dissect how i got here. as my moral compass is fighting all the whims of my emotion. Fun loving, we enjoy both own and friends company, going out and He likes to spoil me and expect the same in return. Problem is when he wants to lazy around and sleep during the day I go out to friends, and he becomes jelous and possessive, but then he becomes mean to me for days. Boy are the zodiacs spot on...granted we have only dated for 6 months, she has been the greatest love of my life, and I was/am so sure she is my soulmate that I introduced her to everyone as such.