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Users start by saving an average of $33 to $35 a month, or more than $400 a year in spare change, said Jennifer Barrett, the chief education officer at Acorns.

“For someone really nervous about starting to invest this is a way to go in with minimal effort and minimal risk,” she said.

(When Qapital sets your savings aside, it takes it from you bank account, and not your credit card.) Users can round up extra change ($0.30 from that $2.70 coffee you bought this morning, for example), set a fixed daily or weekly amount to save, or connect the app with Apple Health to reward themselves for fitness goals.

Set a weekly budget for something like Starbucks Qapital aims to make saving more fun.

She is a cute personal finance assistant that helps users get an overview of their spending habits, but many consumers may prefer to opt for a more comprehensive budgeting service, even if it doesn't talk back.