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Improvement in dating is a process, and without the right attitude, you will likely not have the gusto to commit to it.Most of society walks around in their thoughts with their heads down.

Now, looks are obviously not everything, but combined with the below points, looking your best will have you in prime position for more lovin’. Be sure that your teeth are looking as best as possible (teeth are very important).

It might be time to update your clothes, making sure that they fit well (guys notoriously wear things too big). If you’re not quite as toning as you could be, commit to the gym.

If you want to meet more women the first thing that you must realize is that women are EVERYWHERE.

You don’t have to go to bars to meet women, they are on the street, in the supermarkets, in libraries, the park – everywhere.

What they don’t understand is that God created sex to be consequential. When you break up with that person, part of that person comes with you. That leads to a few concepts I often teach about dating: Date intentionally.