Justin dating jasmine villegas

Looks like he did this impromptu interview in exchange for season tickets for his friend Tom Boyd from Philadelphia.

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I became really good friends with Sean Kingston, too, who is my label mate.

“How to Get Famous 101.” Lesson 1: Pick a fight with the world’s most famous teenager. Jasmine Villegas has not said a word about the fight, but I think we can all agree that she can do way better than this guy.

To add salt to that big wound, she also titled her new mixtape (out Thursday – and it includes the song) - which seems to nod to his next album title, Believe, and, well, you can read between the parentheses to figure out the rest. My fans have been waiting a while for me to put some music out. I was 11 years old and he went up to my mom and was like, ' She has a beautiful voice and should really have you know singing career.' He videotaped me singing and put it on Youtube and sent it to people he knew in the business. US: And then you started singing more while acting. US: Tell me about who you titled your mix tape S(he) Be(lie)ve(d). Its basically about a teenage girl being in love and naive to a guy that she really likes.

A lot of it was inspired by my fans and its just a situation that I wrote about with the writers and producers. I started performing for high schools, and I did the national anthem for boxing matches and baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer games. Us: You also had a small part in Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" video! JV: That was actually a part of my whole acting/modeling thing. It was actually one of my first music videos I was ever in. How did you get to open for Justin Bieber on his My World tour last year? She believes in everything he says and at the end of the day, he lied. And so all my songs relate to that -- a heartbroken girl going through all these crazy emotions to find the person that she really wants to be with.

US: Besides the title of the mix tape sounding like it-s a nod to Justin's Believe, what about "Just A Friend" seeming to mirror your situation with him? "Just A Friend" has a lot of people saying it's about a certain situation with [Justin]0 -– but it's really not. It didn't get picked up, but it was one of my first acting jobs. But I've got a good circle of people around me.