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The film's Chicago locale is its primary deviation from the book, where the story took place in London.

Otherwise, lines of dialogue and the story's interior monologues are transferred from the novel with most of their acerbic wit and music-drenched knowledge intact.

In addition to providing a source for much of the movie's humor, these lists provide the underpinning of the movie's structure as well.

John cusack dating neve campbell

He says, "There's a lot of similarities between Rob and me, a lot of themes that really struck a chord.

Rob's really bad at dating and that's something I can definitely relate to.

On the mid-morning show THE VIEW, Cusack flirted with the middle-aged presenter telling her, "Here's my keys, I'm staying at the FOUR SEASONS." He added, "Men are always looking over their shoulder for the next woman, but women are a lot more pragmatic about it relationships and love... I have always loved older women." ยป British author Nick Hornby is so impressed with actor John Cusack's adaptation of one of his books, he wants him to play all his characters in future.

Hornby gave Cusack permission to turn High Fidelity (2000) - about a 30-something unlucky-in-love record store owner - into a movie, and star in it.

" And Cusack, who once dated Good Will Hunting (1997) beauty Minnie Driver, says he's had so many bad dates, he can't even decide which one has been the worse.