Itunes song play count not updating

Originally posted by jds69 I'm having the same problem.

Okay, I just did the above and lost ALL my ratings and playcounts. I'm sure there's some obvious thing I did wrong, or some obvious reason why this can't be done, but doesn't it make sense that a playcount from the thing that you carry around with you 8-10 hours a day would be more accurate than the playcount from software that you only use one or two hours a day, if that?

I thought might be happening, but just confirmed it.

When I leave it for extended times I put it into hibernate.

(Memory dumped to drive and computer turns off) Soon as I shut down i Tunes (had to use task manager to kill the process even after closing i Tunes' window) and I restarted i Tunes, the last played dates were now showing correct BEFORE I reconnected my i Pod.

Also, why even have the capability of changing a song's star-rating from your i Pod if the ratings are going to change back into whatever they are in i Tunes when you synch?

Like I said, either there's something really obvious that I did wrong, or there's a really obvious and logical explanation why this can't be done.

It is set to auto update and I didn't make any changes to the song in i Tunes.