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] Back to live action, the heels had Zack Ryder isolated trying to wear him down.The heels talked trash and tried to get Ryder to give up from intimidation as he rested in the heel corner.Zayn hit a corner boot, then Neville came off the top with the Red Arrow to Bubba. It’s time to go somewhere with the Dudleys’s miscommunication costing them matches. Seth Rollins for the Universal Title on the main PPV.

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Corbin, whose eyes made it look like he had not slept in a week, said he was supposed to have a match tonight against Kalisto. Corbin said he’s about making money, and Kalisto cost him money tonight.

(Nice heel line since Corbin is the one who bullied and injured Kalisto.) So, he hopes Kalisto is comfortable cuddled up with his wife watching right now.

Don’t ask questions, Cole, just don’t think about it.

Sheamus made it back into the ring at eight and Cesaro dove back in at nine.

Cesaro was out next in the tuxedo for his James Bond ring entrance.