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By the time she had her CD release party, 600 people lined up early at the door. Before long, her CD fell into the hands of a Nashville booking agent and a management company.She continued to perform and grow as an artist and a songwriter.

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Britt Nicole’s parents divorced when she was seven-years-old.

"During that time of going through that divorce, I remember just feeling an emptiness in my heart and feeling like, 'Man, my mom can’t fill this void, and my dad isn’t going to be able to fill it…something is missing.' I would watch my parents argue and fight, and I was afraid. It was a situation that they were going through, where I felt like I couldn’t really go to them." Britt continues, "I got saved when I was seven-years-old, the same time I was watching my parents go through this divorce.

At an age where most girls are just starting to figure out what they want to do, she had already been on stage at New York's Carnegie Hall with her school's advanced chorus and she knew that singing was her path.

She accepted a scholarship from Belmont University to study in their commercial music program.

The only problem was that she felt like she wanted college but God wanted something else.