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In the last two weeks the conductor of this column has been exhibited two nests built by wrens on the springs of automobiles. District of Columbia Made n RJrd Sanctuary By act of congress approved July 14.

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Wall, at Memorial hospital, Prlnce- / {ton, Saturday.* ; Mrs. iflren and Miss Mabel Mc Graw, of GJen Lyn, were visiting relatives • here;.: this week.

Harry Gillesriie Viaited their 'niece, Miss Louise .

v 'paul Mahaffey went to North Carolina Thursday to spend some time. Miss Eunice Garrett spent the week at Athene with relatives.

: Mi B« Elizabeth Farris is spending several days with her grandparents, Mr.

Master Bobby Joo Parcell, of Mc Comas, is spending a few days With littlo James Farris.

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