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She claimed to be a doctor, and had holidays coming up and wanted to come so we could meet in person.

She paid for the visa process and them as she was getting her flight hit me up for money 552 dollars to pay for part of the flight.

Martin (Sweden) Report N11 (added on May, 15, 2013) Contact initiated by her via email. I had previous contact with another Russian girl, via email.

This recent correspondence almost matched exactly the context of the previous contact.

Stevie (Scotland) Report N19 (added on April, 10, 2014) Elena Aleshkevich from Russia, city Ulyanovsk is a very professional scammer who has tricked me into sending money as she wanted to come to the uk for a visit after months of communication through Emails, at first she said she was quite well off and worked as a dental surgeon and communicated through emails and sent me very glamorous photos all the time with nearly every email.