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After Yasin was conquered by the Katur Dynasty of Chitral, the power of the Khushwakhte was crushed. Gilgit came under British rule in 1889, when it was unified with neighboring Hunza and Nagar in the Gilgit Agency.When British rule came to an end in 1947, the region was briefly handed back to the maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir. To this day, Gilgit-Baltistan remains part of the Kashmir dispute and is claimed by India to be a Pakistani-occupied part of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Previously, the Northern Areas was divided into five districts.

The administrative center of the Astore District is Astore town and it includes many villages in the Astore valley.

Gilgit District – The Gilgit District is bounded by the Wakhan Corridor of (Afghanistan) to the north, the Xinjiang autonomous region of (China) to the north and northeast, and the Skardu District to the south and southeast.

Gilgit town is the administrative center of the Gilgit District.

Skardu is the district where the Indus River enters the Northern Areas from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.