How to chat with a wife without credit card

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They will authorize a deposit sum on the credit card and release the authorization once you give the car back. Only if you break the car, they capture the authorized amount and your card gets charged, which leads to your CC company paying them the [email protected] Yes, I'm aware of that, and that is part of my answer (see point 1 about pre-authorisations).

In point 2 I was talking about doing it with a debit card.

I have a credit card in my name, but no driving licence. And then when you get done, you have the inconvenience of having several hundred euros of your money stuck on a prepaid [email protected]: Possibly, but in my experience, usually not.

If they do let you use a prepaid card, they'll probably want to block out a deposit amount of several hundred euro, so you'll have to put a large amount of money on the prepaid card.

No way, after a few months, he went back to spending and now I am in the same situation as before.