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forum_- increased table padding between topics to make easier reading 6. latest_posts_- fixed bug where not using CSS alternating row CSS Classes The following has been updated to change the look to add more spacing 1. delete_- fixed error that would occur if deleting a post of a member with no point count 6.

forum_- updated to increase the IP address size saved for larger IPv6 address 20. functions/functions_- altered get IP() function for longer IPv6 addresses The following files have been updated to remove free version limitations 1. functions/functions_send_- updatded to add support for CDOSYS SSL/TLS and Persists Asp Email TLS email encryption 16. printer_friendly_- fixed bug that would cause page not to load if a member has a Null value in the database for their signature 4.

admin_select_- fixed bug that prevented the ordering of members by their IP address 6.

functions/functions_- renames IOS image uploads with appended time stamp which would otherwise all have the same name 'image.jpeg' 6. admin_- changed the text Stop Forums Spam Admin Page to reflect changes to the way known spammers are detected 9. forum_- fixed bug that would cause a crash if the IP address field is Null 13. new_- updatd to remove ASCII Start of Text charcater from being included in post and improved emmpty post check 4.

forum_- fixed issue with beaching for certain keywords that contained dots 7. RSS_topic_- improvments for non ASCII charactersets 10. functions/functions_- fixed Internet Explorer detection on servers that using Russian locale 1. functions/functions_format_- updated You Tube video to use You Tube's newer IFrame format for inserting You Tube in to forum posts 3.

functions/functions_upload - fixed vulnerability that allows scripting files to be uploaded when using Persists Asp Upload 1. functions/functions_- added new function to get IPv6 /48 Network 3. functions/functions_- add Windows 8/Server 2012 to list of OS's identified in Active Users list 18. - direct link added to Cookie Privacy Notice Web Wiz Forums forum homepage 15.

functions/functions_session_- improvements for sessions for IPv6 and support for new session options 4. RTE_configuration/RTE_- updated to Web Wiz RTE version 4.09wwf 19. includes/login_form_- updated for improved compliance with EU and US law 16.

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