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I recommend to either find a mate the old fashioned way, through other friends recommendations, potentially at places you frequent so others can see who you truly are and how you honestly are and what you look like often.

Some people hide behind their confidences in order to be liked or wanted or both.

Or how about when you begin talking with someone and they want to see additional pictures of talk with you on a free and safe site like Skype and afterwards don't want to speak to you because of your looks or the interactions you had in a brief encounter.

You begin to feel like a loser, you eventually begin to feel unwanted, you usually begin to feel unattractive or not good enough, maybe you don't have what the other men/women want career wise, they might see you as "too much fun" and not serious enough, you start to internalize rejection and what you once considered yourself as really confident and knowing you are valuable and worthy of love and being loved or wanted by your ideal mate. When others are not reciprocal of our time and attention we automatically begin to lack confidence to try again or reach out to a person of interest.

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