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It was purely for light-hearted entertainment purposes.

You know you were fascinated with that list, don’t lie.

And while all seemed like it was going smoothly, things crashed and burned between the two when Beauvais reportedly found out that Nilon had been cheating on her for five years of their nine year relationship. Once a red carpet mainstay with her pops, she’s now a fashionista, perusing the streets of New York booed up.

In 2008, the singer, actress and model dated actor Ben Foster, but she’s currently locking lips with Irish-German actor Michael Fassbender, her co-star from X-Men: First Class. Fassbender by the way, is 34, Kravitz, 22…but hey, if Lenny’s all good with their relationship, then I guess it’s whatever…Venus Williams As much time as folks spend following Serena and that sickening body of hers around, we rarely hear about what’s going on with Miss Venus outside of her romps with the tennis court.

From China's first half-billion-dollar film to Hollywood-made hits like ' Warcraft,' which earned four times more in the Middle Kingdom than North America, the Chinese market was full of surprises in 2016. Seven A-list contenders — including Amy Adams, Annette Bening, Naomie Harris and Isabelle Huppert — sound off on their biggest fears, bucket-list goals and why questions about equal pay should be directed toward producers: "We are always put on the chopping block to put our opinion out there. I don't want to be a headline anymore about pay equality." Six contenders — also including Mahershala Ali, Andrew Garfield, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dev Patel — on what it takes to play a real-life person, making a drug dealer likable, turning down parts and the agony of acting: "The very thing you love is the thing you hate." The contenders — also including Oliver Stone, Barry Jenkins, Damien Chazelle and Mira Nair — discuss first gigs, the backlash over ' The Birth of a Nation' director Nate Parker's rape trial, and their "painful" directing process: "It's like trying to cram 10 pounds of shit into a 5-pound bag." Plays by Tracy Letts, Martin Mc Donagh, August Wilson, John Guare, Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams are high on the must-see list of THR's chief theater critic, as well as two Stephen Sondheim musicals, a new show by David Byrne, and the return of beloved Broadway divas Bette Midler, Glenn Close, Patti Lu Pone and Christine Ebersole.

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