Google calendar add by url not updating updating squeezebox firmware

It has to do with whether or not the website is HTTPS or HTTP.

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I don't think its possible to create the kind of calendar you're looking for. The settings are simple, but this formats is apparently not popular.

However, if you are saying it would be good for a Google Calendar, then it might happen, but only for computers that are using some Google Calendar API. Received "Cannot fetch URL" Unfortunately, from what I have found, there are certain websites Google Calendar just can't upload properly.

I think it was caused by: Just don't know where to look to be able to do this.

Doesn't work if you want to import-by-url a Microsoft exported ICS-format URL. 17,578 people have read Daniel's article contributions.

The feeds URLs and instructions for using them in the calendar programs Apple i Cal, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Lightning and Google Calendar are below.