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This is when they’re date together and caught by fan. A bag that she often used at that time…..a picture of Sohee taken when she’s at Thailand Airport. I think that’ll be the last thing that we want to do in this world.

(“Wonderful” lyrics) Just keep reading and analyze.

The title said something about “Wonderful” by Big Bang.

It’s because before the encores (Seungri Yubin & Daesung Yeeun) they look so close but when it comes to GD Sohee part they look obviously damn awkward. Even in Big Bang, GD and Wondergirls’ fancam, they (k VIPs & k Wonderfuls) already CUT IT OUT before uploading. do you guys remember when i posted about the possibility of new couple rings so here is another possibility , about the ring that sported GD in “g20 concert” you guys said that maybe it was an “S[” but what i noticed is that : the ring contains an empty spot and it represent something maybe an “S” and in “MADE IN WONDER GIRLS” sohee also sported a ring that in one of my latest post i said that it maybe have some similarities with one of GD’s rings that have some similarities with GD’s one but is not empty….

How did these personal pictures rise to the surface?