Friendship after dating

Matt Black, Catalina, Arizona If you need to refuse a friendship because of a break-up, you should pray about it. If you don't take this time, you will most likely grow to resent him.

If moving in separate directions isn't what you want, just tell him you need more time to adjust to being on your own again. God knows what he's doing even if we don't.

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Rachael Morgan, Nashua, New Hampshire I think you should pray about it and read what the Bible has to say about friendship.

I do think you should try to be friends since it was worth having a relationship with him in the first place.

First of all, gay women’s friends and lovers are typically the same gender, making boundaries around friendships and romantic relationships more flexible.

This is a challenge unique to lesbian relationships, simply because women—of any sexuality—tend to forge their closest bonds with other women.

Deciding how to continue forward, together or separately, after a relationship dissolves can be tricky for anyone.