Free sexhookup phone numbers

First and foremost, let someone know what you’re up to: send an email to a close friend, leave a note for your roommate, text yourself with some details.

If for some reason your tryst goes awry, leave some hints behind so someone knows to notify the authorities of your disappearance sooner than later.

If you are going to have sex with someone you just met online, the above steps can go a long way to ensuring your safety.

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Free sexhookup phone numbers

(Sidenote: TV crime dramas paint a picture of a world of disposable and untraceable cell phones, so acquiring a valid phone number is no guarantee of the authorities being able to track your new friend if the unthinkable happens.

However, the actual prevalence of these untraceable phones is unknown, really, and I don’t think Grindr runs on any down-market mobile devices.) If possible, include this phone number in the text/email/note you’ve left behind.

Next, get a working phone number from your new buddy: Give your number and ask for a text reply.

Someone who might consider slitting your throat or robbing you blind won’t likely give you a working (and therefore traceable) phone number.

Apparently all the guys are using Grindr to find sex partners. And as pigs will enlist any advance in technology in the search for dick.