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The HR manager could may-be do something about it but there's no such thing as free lunch...

Will he be convincing as a private home school teacher?

play Have a glimpse on our next serie, "School Girls" in this short teaser game.

play In this 7th episode (and the following bonus episode) Jim has for now no clue that her wife went to see Natalia to confess her lust for girls.

This morning, his boss is once again harassing him about an urgent file.

Maybe they had quite a night thanks to the advice you gave Paris...

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    Hey, it's great that you're a nonconformist who has his own trained tarantula circus, and any girl who's into well-behaved bugs is sure to dig you, but trying too hard to be interesting is just that: trying too hard. Man up and say something, while avoiding numbers 1 through 6, that is.

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    Men have always valued women who are in some way mysterious, and Russian women are what they need in this case.

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    The winner is neither of those places – it’s Buenos Aires, the city in the developed world with the best ratio of models to cheap bottles (and cheap models too, but let’s not go there).

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