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If you are interested in any of the posts then just log into your Lovesail account and click the Crewing Posts link Excellence of Dart Skippered Charter on a Luxury Yacht UK Circumnavigation Learn to sail, take the helm, hone your skills, build your experience, crunch some hours and/or just relax and have fun with your friends aboard the 58 foot luxury Crewing Posts April 2016 Here are a few of the Crewing Posts for April 2016 from some of the Lovesail members.

Log into your Lovesail account to see more: Shark Bay, Western Australia, Sept 2016 Hi, I have a Crewing Posts March 2016 from Lovesail Members Here are some of the crewing posts March 2016 from the Lovesail Members.

Basically, you and your partner upload a picture of you both allowing members of the website to vote on which one of you can do better!

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Basing your dating preferences on having allergies in common seems crazy but I suppose for some people it makes perfect sense.

Can Do – This one really is bizarre and I’m not quite sure what the purpose is nor do I understand why you would let your partner use it.

The girls have padlocks attached to their wrists and the guys are given keys to start working their way around the room.

With enough people I think this could be really fun, just don’t lose your key!

Although the story of pilgrims leaving Britain is well known it is sometimes difficult to imagine.