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At the beach or an area where mostly expats will be, it’s fine.

But some malls and other places where conservative Muslims are will have dress codes and will politely and discreetly ask you to cover your knees and shoulders if you’re not dressed appropriately.

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I had to shut that down and educate him on why using (or any other variant) was inappropriate and can be deemed hurtful by Black Americans.

This has also happened to my friends who teach in K-12 settings in UAE, Korea, Spain, etc.

None of these negatives are, in my opinion, a reason to forgo living in the UAE or anywhere else abroad. I do not have to wear an abaya or cover my hair unless I go to a mosque.

I wear professional attire to work and reserve my short, body hugging dresses for when I’m going out to dinner and nightclubs.

I’m usually in a t-shirt, jeans or bermuda shorts, and flip flops when running around town.