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I think a few people had been like, ' You could make something that was like 20 discs.' I don't think you can make 100 discs that are funny because you'd just have 15 of them with 10 minutes of nonsense in the middle or something.

And then we realized you could probably make a 10 or a 20-disc set. And then I also mentioned it to Sub Pop and, slowly over time, it became this thing where we could make actually a sort of 10-volume, or in this instance, a nine-volume, collection." ] as a different format, but I wanted it to be my exact voice.

With the album, it was different." "That was something I’d always thought of as a joke—that I'd put out a 100-disc set.

Some people were releasing these double-albums at the time.

I also had a great editor who helped me refine it and make sure my personality remained intact." "Sometimes you have an idea that's more funny to tell someone about than it actually is in practice—like a full disc of crying, for instance.