Easy computer updating

The dark grey band at the 5 min mark was the system restart to finish the installation.

Updating the software in your DC 40, DC 30, or DC 20 is a little more involved, but not difficult. Press the DOG button to pull up the Dog Tracker Screen.

If the collar is already synched to the handheld, select the Dog that matches the collar you want to update and press ENTER.

I suspect there will be no permanent fix for this problem unless Microsoft releases an update for the WUA for Vista before extended support ends on 11-Apr-2017. & much, much more than I ever wanted to on update problems. What would the CPU be doing for 12 to 24 hrs at 50 - 60% capacity? I've checked read / write bytes on wuauserv & while the CPU is high - there's generally little being written & there's very little bandwidth being used. Next time I opened update UI, it didn't remember them. What would the CPU be doing for 12 to 24 hrs at 50 - 60% capacity? From Woody Leonhard's Woody on Windows Info World blog in his 22-Jun-2016 entry But what really got my goat: Those hours-long waits generally involved the computer just sitting there.

Fortunately, the temporary workaround posted at to pre-install missing Windows kernel-mode driver (Win32K.sys) updates before running Windows Updates does seem to solve these "" phase for my July 2016 Patch Tuesday updates completed in ~ 20 min (compared to 5 or 6 hours for April and May) and my entire Windows Update session, including download and installation of seven important updates, finished in under one hour. So this isn't just a matter of "letting it run." Something else is broken / off, but I've pretty much replaced, fixed or reinstalled everything - unless a little known setting is wrong. There was little activity over the internet, almost no activity on the PC, while "check for updates" kept checking and checking and checking.

Before you begin, you will need to go to Garmin's website and download their "Web Updater" software.