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During this time, Dustin also co-wrote songs with Mother Mother’s Ryan Guildemond, Vancouver troubadour Cameron Latimer and Canadian Country Music up and comer Ridley Bent.

In 2006 Barney started the Grand Cariboo Opry with a select group of musicians and he hasn’t looked back since!

Barney currently splits his time between his treasured ranch, a home on Bowen Island, and touring the world! Born in Halifax, Bent was raised throughout Canada in a military family before settling in Vancouver BC to start his career in 2000. , was released on Maple Music Recordings in 2005, and was marked by a style that incorporated country, rock and hip hop influences, in a manner similar to Buck 65.

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and a backing band comprised of some of Canada’s finest musicians.

When we finally made it and we cranked into the theme song, low and behold what had seemed so chaotic, corny and amateurish a few minutes before settled in to what has become one of my favourite things!

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