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One year in the mid 1980s he visited his midwest clan over Thanksgiving, and the return trip consisted of an Indianapolis to Chicago hop then a plane change for the Chicago to his home airport hop.The first hop went fine but the second hop was delayed due to problems with the aircrafts hydraulic system (the mechanics and the pilot both thought that having landing gear that worked would be nice...).Windows 3.11 added functional networking and you could actually talk to a file server, a network-connected printer, and to the Internet.

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and by the way, if you have a schematic (even a reverse-engineered one) of the Mostar programming / interface box (the "MIB") please let repeater-builder know ‑ the schematic never got out of Moto, not even in the official MIB manual.

As the story went the Mostar project manager and the project staff were all RF and what today would be called embedded processor engineers.

When Windows 98 came out the RSS that was in the pipeline was modified to interface to it, and this is why the XTS and XTL series RSS is listed as usable only on Windows 98 and later.

All of the Windows versions from 1.1 through 3.x, plus 95, 98 and ME simply ran as an application program on top of the DOS of the day, and the DOS was modified for each iteration of Windows: Win95, 98, and ME.

During the next four hours of the departure delay the gentleman told a few tales about early synthesized Motorola radios...