dating ariane 2016 - Downside to interracial dating

While I don’t think this is something unique to interracial couples, “machismo” has traditionally been associated with certain cultural norms and values (and bf subscribes to them).Bf is definitely a gentleman and I appreciate the small things he does to show me respect (opening doors, holding my arm, picking me up in front of stores when it’s raining etc.).We all know I’m pretty frugal, so I argued with him that the plastic container was fine and I wasn’t going to buy a fancy cabinet or hide the Rubbermaid, just because he didn’t like it.

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Like I mentioned above, some of these things are likely cultural and some are probably just our personalities (both of us are incredibly stubborn).

Once got into a huge argument about a plastic storage bin.

Trials and Tribulations of an Interracial Couple: Religious differences-Bf is Catholic and attends church somewhat regularly.

I’m not Catholic and I don’t attend services regularly. Well truth be told, I’ve attended church with him once (Christmas day) and once I attended err Oktoberfest in the church’s parking lot.

I think that it is not right, and am in disbelief as to why people think it is OK.