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So to go out and say management likes what we are doing here, you aren’t only insulting your own show but you’re also taking a jab at me...

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“Those remarks and postings are abhorrent to Sirius XM, and his behavior is wholly inconsistent with what Sirius XM represents,” the company wrote in a July 2014 statement.

Opie, Anthony and Jim Norton, a third co-host and comedian, expressed outrage over Anthony’s firing, but Sirius XM refused to budge.

Opie and Anthony and comedian Jim Norton at a guest broadcast of a special edition of "The Opie & Anthony Show." After 20 years of radio marriage, and one week of vitriolic Twitter fights, the duo speak out.

radio show, known for its provocative stunts, support of rising comedians and cast of outlandish characters.

A lot of this, unfortunately, was lack of communication.” The tipping point was supposedly a woman Anthony was dating in the late '90s.