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He embraced controversy, presenting himself as an androgynous sexaholic in his album art and lyrics, and challenged conservative music ideals in his first decade on albums like . He went against the grain of the music industry, renaming himself an unpronounceable symbol at a time when he was protesting his record contract and refusing to bow to emerging formats like online music streaming.

A singular force, he famously performed, produced and wrote nearly all of his own songs at the beginning of his career and would go on to build a music empire out of his home near Minneapolis as he expanded his musical vocabulary. He distributed albums to concertgoers along with their tickets when that was a novel concept, and he planned other tours at the spur of the moment, dubbing them "hit and run" shows.

Varying reports said he was suffering dehydration and was getting over the flu.

He was released after three hours and flew to Minneapolis, where he was recovering at home.

The album would be certified quadruple platinum in 1999.