Dexter stars dating

Her big shot in the movie world, I, Frankenstein, as he love interest to Aaron Eckhart’s character, unfortunately was almost immediately forgotten.

However, she did have a small, but memorable turn on Louie.

Mark Christopher Lawrence — The man who played Big Mike hasn’t had a huge career since Chuck.

The good news is, he still gets consistent work, just not in places we’re likely to see him.

I feel like Parker Young (Suburgatory, Enlisted) took over his career.

star, with the support of his costar-turned-wife, turned ex-wife, Jennifer Carpenter, remains cancer free.

“There is a lot of cancer in my family, people who’ve gone through it, survived it, died from it,” Hall told reporters at a press conference in Beverly Hills recently.

He and Jennifer started dating, and got married in 2008; sadly, they split up in 2010 and are now divorced. While at the Farewell to Dexter event at the Paley Center, an audience member boldly asked Michael and Jennifer, "How was it working together after divorce?